Posted on 07/04/2016 in News 32 2016
Fire safety of polymer materials in buildings

A group of industry associations including PlasticsEurope, the insulation materials industry and pinfa, has published a ‘view paper’ on fire safety in buildings. The four page document discusses fire statistics, buildings materials fire safety standards and test methods, façade insulating materials, sandwich panels and smoke toxicity.

Key messages are: subsidiarity – enabling Member States to set building fire standards in accordance with local specificities; acknowledgement of testing methods and results for polymer building materials; the need to improve and harmonise fire statistics; the importance of public education and prevention in fire safety.

“View Paper on Fire Safety in Buildings”, September 2015, PlasticsEurope, Isopa, PU Europe, Europur, Exiba, EUPC, EUMEPS, pinfa;
PlasticsEurope one-page “Fire Safety in Buildings”, September 2015


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