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ECHA CORAP list: the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added 54 substances to the ‘CORAP’ (Community Rolling Action Plan) list of chemicals to be evaluated because of possible health or environmental concerns. The list now covers 138 substances.

ECHA/NA/16/11, 22nd march 2016 “Member States to evaluate 39 priority substances in 2016”. The newly added substances include the FR EINECS 244-617-5 and the FR synergist EINECS 215-175-0. Two other FRs were already on the list : EINECS 204-112-2 and 911-815-4.

Chemicals in clothing: the European consumer federations ANEC and BEUC have published a document on chemicals in clothing. The federations consider that the EU should install specific legislation excluding chemicals of “very high concern” from textiles. The NGOs are targeting chemicals which are persistent, bio-accumulative, toxic, endocrine disrupters or sensitizers. Whilst concern about potentially health-impacting chemicals is understandable, the exclusion of persistent chemicals does not seem feasible because incompatible with durable (wash-proof) textile treatments such as colours or functionalisation.

“Protecting consumers from hazardous chemicals in textiles”, January 2016, ANEC (European Association for the Co-Ordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation) and BEUC (European Consumer Organisation) . See EU Commission consultation on chemicals in textiles in pinfa Newsletter n°57.

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