Posted on 03/05/2016 in 32 2016
ENSAIT and University of Lille

Neeraj Mandlekar, ENSAIT and University of Lille, France, presented an overview of the use of lignin as a bio-sourced PIN flame retardant system component. Around seventy million tonnes per year of lignin is generated by the world paper industry as lignosulfate, kraft, organosolve and soda lignin, with many different uses and applications.

Because lignin naturally has a high content of aromatic carbon rings (phenyl propane chemical groups), it can be both polymer compatible and an effective char generator, in particular in combination with the inorganic phosphorus – nitrogen PIN FR ammonium polyphosphate (APP). It can thus be used to improve fire safety of PLA (bio-sourced poly lactic acid), ABS, polypropylene, PHB, PBS, polyester, PET and other polymers.

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