Posted on 03/05/2016 in 32 2016

Chris Thornton, pinfa, summarised the increasing need for fire safety treatment of modern materials, because of higher fire loads (flammable materials such as carpets, textiles, polymers in electronics …) and potential fire causes such as batteries, low-voltage power supplies, electrical miniaturisation. Many bio-sourced and natural polymers and textiles are highly flammable, so that flame retardant treatment is essential to ensure safety.

The development of eco-construction, with increasing use of wood products and recycled materials (e.g. newspaper, textiles) is leading to new demands for PIN flame retardants, to ensure environmentally friendly fire safety. PIN flame retardants can be derived from natural materials (DNA, chitin, oyster shells, clays …) or can be produced from bio-sourced organic materials or from recycled minerals. Several initiatives to develop supply of recycled phosphorus and nitrogen from sewage sludge or manures were presented.

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