Posted on 03/05/2016 in News 32 2016
Tolsa: specific clays / PIN FR synergies

Maria-Luisa Puertas: TOLSA is supplying a new range of additives for FR based on a naturally available, special magnesium clay mineral, which has a micro/nano needle-like structure. With a specialist treatment, some of these additives are performance synergist (ADINS ®Clay) to phosphorus-based PIN flame retardants in commodity and technical polymers, such as PP, EVA, PS or PA.

Other additives (ADINS ®Fireproof), obtained by means of a nanofunctionalization of the clay surface, can provide ceramic structures under fire conditions for demanding applications, as electrical cables. The short mineral needles do not pose health issues and are used in other consumer products. The clay needle-like structure contributes to improving char structure and resistance, improving fire performance and reducing smoke generation. Minerals offer potential to respond to demand for sustainability in flame retardants, with natural sourcing and no toxicity issues, and demand for PIN fire safety solutions for technical polymers.

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