Posted on 03/05/2016 in News 32 2016

Florian Kohl, Albemarle, underlined that flame retardants should not be analysed as groups, but as individual substances, because the term “flame retardant” merely describes the function of a substance and not its chemical nature, and it is the structure which determines the properties of the substance.

He gave a brief introduction to the REACH regulation and the objectives of its different parts. He also presented the E&E “End-of-life Decision Tree” being developed by EFRA. This information tool for the waste and recycling industries indicates whether given material – flame retardant combinations can be recycled or not as a function of applicable regulations. In particular, the presence of now-banned substances in some plastic waste streams may prevent recycling of such plastic material. Overall, a holistic approach should be followed on flame retardants, balancing technical, regulatory and recycling requirements.

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