Posted on 12/05/2016 in News 32 2016
Two tower fire in UEA: non fire retardant cladding again

Yet another major fire has hit two 26-storey skyscrapers in the twelve tower Ajman One residential complex, United Arab Emirates, 28th March. This is the fourth major skyscraper fire in the UEA since 2012 (see pinfa Newsletter n° 62) and experts are again pointing to non fire safety treated aluminium – polymer composite cladding used for facades.

In this case, the fire spread rapidly from the side of one tower to an adjacent one and up the sides of the buildings. There were no casualties but hundreds of families have lost their possessions and their homes.

Aljazeera 29th March 2016 “UAE – Ajman fire: Massive blaze engulfs skyscrapers – Firefighters tackle huge fire engulfing two towers of residential high-rise buildings”.

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