Posted on 12/05/2016 in News 32 2016
Aflammit® listed for Oeko-Tex

Thor, one of Europe’s leading producers of durable flame retardants for textiles and fibres, has been accredited by the Oeko-Tex Ecolabel (health, safety and environment) for several of the company’s AFLAMMIT® phosphorus based PIN flame retardants.

AFLAMMIT SAP, TL1127 and KWB are listed by Oeko-Tex as durable treatments for all cellulose fibres and blends and for all uses, including with skin contact. AFLAMMIT KRE, TL1025 and PE Conc are also Oeko-Tex listed for class 4, which includes applications such as decorative textiles and curtains, carpets, automotive textiles. This year, AFLAMMIT PCO 900 has been added to the Oeko-Tex list of approved flame retardants. This PIN FR can be used both as a textile coating and in extrusion, for example blended into the mass of polypropylene fibres. AFLAMMIT PCO 900 is available in granular form from various masterbatch producers, ensuring easy handling and no dust. Combined with radical generator synergists such as NOR HALS high levels of fire performance are achieved in a wide range of fibre configurations, for example in polypropylene: FMVSS 302 with loadings of <1%, DIN 4012 B2, B1, NFPA 701 with loadings of < 3-4%.

Oeko-Tex – THOR News “AFLAMMIT® Oeko-Tex listing”

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