Posted on 12/05/2016 in News 32 2016
Cogegum® HFFR cables for safety and sustainability

Solvay has launched three new grades of Cogegum® silane grafted, polyolefin-based, ‘ambient cure’ cross-linkable and halogen-free flame retardant (GFR XLPO-HFFR) compounds intended for safe, fire resistant and environmental friendly cables.

Solvay HFFR grades combine good processing and flame retardant characteristics along with high cable flexibility. GFR 903 is a sheathing grade targeted at special cables in oil and gas and the chemical industry, enabling to meet NEK TS 606 and IEC 60092-360 and is resistant to water and oil-based fluids. GFR 1401 is an insulation grade designed to meet ISO 6722 and major automotive standards, such as T3 for engine compartments requiring heat resistance of up to 125°C. It offers abrasion resistance and zero-halogen to help implement strict end-of-life vehicle regulations. GFR 1301 is an insulation/sheathing grade for demanding electrical and electronics cables with working temperatures from -40°C to +105°C. It provides flame retardancy rated to UL 1581 VW-1, UL44 and UL758. PIN flame retardancy is based on light metal hydroxides, ensuring self-extinguishing and minimised generation of toxic fumes, corrosive gases and dark smoke in case of fire.

“Solvay Launches Three New Cogegum® GFR XLPO-HFFR Compounds for Wire & Cable Applications in Oil & Gas, Automotive and E&E”, 6th April 2016. See also pinfa Newsletter n°44. Photo: Solvay Polymers.

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