Posted on 09/06/2016 in News 32
World fire statistics

The International Association of Fire and Rescue Services CTFI has published its annual report on world fire statistics. The 2015 report (n°20) brings together fire data from 32 countries. Its data indicates approximately 20 fire deaths per million population, with no clear trend since the 1990’s (possibly because of changes in the declaring countries).

Russia and Belarus have the highest fire deaths per population. Data may not be indicative of world averages because major countries are not included (statistics not available for e.g. China, India, Canada, Australia and all of South America). Direct and indirect losses from fires are estimated at an average 0.15% of GDP and fire protection (insurance, building protection, cost of fire services) at 0.19% of GDP.

CTIF “World Fore Statistics” 2015, n°20 (statistics to 2013)

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