Posted on 20/07/2016 in News 32 2016
Royal Imex adopts FRX Polymers® Nofia®

Royal Imex, California, one of the largest hair companies in the world, selling human and synthetic hair products including wigs, braids and extensions for stylists worldwide, including Zury and First brands.

The company has adopted the PIN flame resistant synthetic fibres produced by Uno & Co., South Korea, using FRX Polymers® Nofia® phosphorus-containing polymer to ensure fire safety. The PIN FR fibres have been tested by hair stylists and given excellent reviews for softness, curling ability, feel like human hair.

FRX Polymers® 7th June 2016 “Uno & Company Ltd. Launches New Bromine-Free Synthetic Hair Fibers Using FRX Polymers® Nofia® Flame Retardant Bromine-Free Unolon-Eco and SF-Remi Fibers are Easy to Curl,Tangle-Free, and Easily Blended with Human Hair”

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