Posted on 20/07/2016 in News 32 2016
Chemical Footprint – progress towards safer chemicals

#ChemicalFootprint claims to be the first initiative to third-party, independently benchmark chemicals, so providing a tool to investors, purchasers and brands for assessing chemical risks. The project’s first report is based on a survey of 24 manufacturing companies, large and small

It concludes that chemical footprint measurement is new and challenging, that companies need comprehensive policies with senior-level management leadership and perform better when there is full product portfolio policy to improve chemical safety. The report underlines that “Disclosure lags practice”: 83% of surveyed companies have a restricted chemical list, but only 17% make the list public. Flame retardants are mentioned several times, but the report fails to make any distinction between different flame retardant chemicals.

“Chemical Footprint Project Releases First Report on Corporate Progress Toward Safer Chemicals”, 19 May 2016

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