Posted on 20/07/2016 in News 32 2016
GRAFE conductive FR polypropylenes

GRAFE Masterbatch has launched two new electrically conductive PIN flame retardant polypropylene compounds, with high mechanical performance and flow properties, offering < 100 Ohm electrical conductivity and UL94 V-0 flammability rating down to 1.6 mm thicknesses.

Applications will include storage containers, conveyor belts and other equipment in explosion and fire-protection zones. Products achieve UL94 V-0 down to 0.8 mm thickness and can be produced in any colour for customer requirements. The PIN flame retardant solution used minimises additive-related loss of mechanical properties, avoiding brittleness, ensuring good flow, and so enabling manufacture of thin-walled parts where fire performance is required. Grafe is one of Germany’s leading masterbatch producers, leading in innovation in colour and function.

GRAFE press release 26/8/2015 “Flame-retardant new developments”

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