Posted on 20/07/2016 in News 32 2016
Flame retardants in tents

Tests using 15 new US backpacking tents (3 identical tents x 5 brands) analysed 3 FRs in air in the tents (5 days) and 4 FRs on hands of volunteers after tent set-up. The FRs were not detected in air in nearly half of cases in the air with levels of ng or µg per m3.

Levels on hand wipes were mostly higher on hand wipes after tent set-up than before – including for a tent where the FR was not detected in the tent material. All tents were compliant with the US tent flammability standard CPAI-84 so that the presence of FRs is to be expected. There are no indications as to whether such levels of FRs have health risk relevance.

“Characterizing Flame Retardant Applications and Potential Human Exposure in Backpacking Tents”, Gomes et a., Duke University, North Carolina, Environmental Science & Technology 2014 FRs tested on hands / air: TPHP, TCIPP, TDCIPP, TCEP

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