Posted on 24/08/2016 in News 32 2016
SCHULAKETON® helps reduce greenhouse emissions

The high-performance plastic compounds supplier A. Schulman offers SCHULAKETON, based on polyketones composed of the molecules ethylene, propylene and carbon monoxide. 1 kg of polyketone avoids 0.5 kg equivalent CO2 emissions by using carbon monoxide before emission to the air.

SCHULAKETON grades offer efficient processing, especially in injection molding, extrusion and blow molding, as well as chemical resistance, hydrolytic stability, barrier properties, high impact strength, scratch, wear and abrasion resistance. Compounds are available in neat or colored grades and as mineral or glass filled. Applications include transportation chains, gearings, bearings, sealings and piston rings, including applications where noise reduction is a key requirement. Flame Retardant SCHULAKETON uses PIN FRs (Phosphorous, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants) to produce V-0 materials and can meet European railway standard EN45545 for limiting oxygen index, optical smoke density and smoke toxicity.

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