Posted on 24/08/2016 in News 32 2016
French high speed train does not catch fire

On 19th June, 250 passengers were able to safely leave a French TGV (high speed train), running from Milan to Paris, in which a fire started. A problem in the air conditioning unit situated under the floor resulted in “dense smoke” entering the bar carriage.

The train stopped at Chambéry station and the passengers were evacuated. Ten people suffered smoke intoxication, of which only one required hospitalisation. This incident shows the effectiveness of fire safety requirements in materials used in trains in Europe (EU railway safety standard EN45545) which inhibit ignition and combustion of materials and so ensure that possible electrical and mechanical faults do not lead to significant fire development.

Europe1 “Savoie : 250 personnes évacuées d’un TGV en raison d’une fumée”

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