Posted on 24/08/2016 in News 32 2016
PIN FR epoxies for transport performance parts

Sicomin’s PIN flame retardant foaming epoxy systems enable cost-effective production of strong, high quality, structural parts too complex for using rigid foam or honeycomb core materials. They achieve demanding requirements for aircraft and railroad applications, as well as performance automotive or construction elements.

The halogen-free SR1126, SR1124 and SR1526 systems offer low smoke opacity and toxicity. SR1126 is self-extinguishing and achieves both Boeing and Airbus FST (fire smoke toxicity) standards and laminate fire classification UL94-V0 and FAR 25-853(a). SR1124 is particularly adapted for hand laminating and filament winding, offering exceptional fire resistance with SC FW16 coating (ASTM E84 class A). The new SR1526 is a PIN flame retardant two-part epoxy resin system with viscosity and a hardener range designed for in-house prepregs, and has achieved accreditation for aircraft cabin interiors.

“Sicomin presents clear coating, laminating and foaming epoxy systems for the automotive industry and accredited resins for rail and aerospace”: 

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