Posted on 22/09/2016 in News 32 2016
Fire Toxicity 2016 UCLAN Preston, UK, 22-23 March 2016

Organised with support of the EU FLARETEX COST Action MP 1105, and the University of Central Lancashire –¬†Conference summary below prepared by Anna Stec and Richard Hull.

The organisers opened the conference by underlining that the inhalation of toxic smoke is the biggest killer and the largest cause of injury in fires, but is a neglected area of fire science and fire safety engineering. This conference highlighted the health concerns in a multidisciplinary way: on the first day scientists described the evolution and measurement of toxic products from fires, while medical practitioners described dealing with the short and long-term care of fire victims; the second day was devoted to the issues of fire fighter safety and the abnormally high rates of cancers amongst them; the third day focused on the regulatory framework that currently fails to protect fire victims from smoke inhalation, and how this problem may be addressed.

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