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Radiflam® and PIN FRs for Rio 2016 Olympics

RadiciGroup, a leading supplier of engineering plastics, provided fire safety treated seats, using PIN flame retardants, to five of the venue stadiums for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in August 2016.

Radiflam® S RV300UKHF 3010 BK is a PIN flame retardant 30% glass fibre polyamide offering high levels of mechanical resistance, fire safety, aesthetic quality and weather and ultra-violet light resistance, compliant with the Olympic Committee’s stringent regulations on sports stadium safety. The performance polyamide will be used to produce stadium seats and accessories including armrests, bolts and supports. Jane Campos, CEO of Radici Plastics Ltda: “The fact that Radiflam® is going to be at the Rio games makes us really proud. We have always strived to provide our customers with technological innovation, quality, safety and the highest degree of customization. This is the kind of work we continue to do, thanks to our R&D facilities and our on-site technical support for customer development projects created here in South America, as well as the contribution of our knowledge acquired in Europe and North America.”

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“Rio 2016: RadiciGroup at the Olympics with Radiflam®”, 15th March 2016 and Radiflam® A RV300
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