Posted on 10/10/2016 in News 32 2016
Alpha Wire EcoWire™ & EcoGen® zero halogen cables

Alpha Wire, New Jersey, has over 90 years of experience in engineered wire and cables for demanding conditions, from factory work situations to offshore and medical. The company’s EcoWire and EcoGen range offer “eco-friendly zero halogen” solutions, with resistance to oils, solvents and hazardous liquids. mPPE (modified polyphenylene ether) insulation is used to prevent the release of acids in case of fires.

EcoWire Plus achieves ISO 6722 for ultra-thin-wall applications, offering cost and space savings by replacing XLPE wires. EcoFlex® PUR continuous flex cables offer 600 V performance, reduced size, and lightweight with a resistant polyurethane jacket for mining and industry applications, in particular outdoor cable tracks.

“Alpha Wire Unveils Latest in Environmentally Friendly Hook-up Wire: EcoWire™ Plus”
“Alpha Wire Introduces EcoFlex® PUR A New Family of Zero Halogen, Oil Resistant, Reduced Diameter Continuous Flex Cables”


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