Posted on 10/10/2016 in News 32 2016
Dietzel Univolt PIN flame retardant cable conduits

Since 1938, Dietzel Univolt, Austria, has led innovation and customer service in conduits for electrical systems, selling plastic conduits since 1953.The company first introduced halogen-free (HFT) conduits in 1980 and now offers low-smoke, PIN flame retardant installations including cable conduits, trunking and ducting, installation boxes, lightning protection and complete system installations.

Dietzel Univolt HFT® (H = halogen free, F = flame retardant, T = temperature resistant) Next Generation product range includes rigid and pliable conduits, indoor and outdoor protective cable conduits. Dietzel Univolt “HFT® Next Generation – an outstanding development” websiteThey are PIN flame retardant, ensuring no contribution to corrosive and acidic gases, lower smoke density and no aggressive fumes in case of fire.

They are conform to the internationally recognised LSF0H terminology (Low Smoke, Flame Retardant, Zero Halogen). The products are thus adapted to application in buildings with high concentrations of people, including residential, offices, hospitals, hotels. The materials offer high impact resistance and high temperature resistance, UV and outdoor weathering, resistance to acids and lubricants, compatibility with use in concrete and flexibility in cold conditions to facilitate installation.

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