Posted on 10/10/2016 in News 32 2016
Tests show speed of fire spread in cars

A paper at Interflam 2016 presents four full-scale fire tests on cars manufactured in Europe in 2014. An electrical failure initiated within the dashboard led to flames in the car interior in 8 minutes and the car interior reached 500°C in less than 20 minutes.

A small fire in a front wheel arch spread to the car interior in less than 10 minutes, with the dashboard area already reaching 160°C. A gasoline fire on the bonnet resulted in the whole car being engulfed in in flames in 12 minutes. The aim of the research was to contribute to identifying the origin point of fire in burnt vehicles, but it also shows the rapid flammability of modern cars, for which fire standards are very low, with consequent risk to life if exit is hindered, for example after an accident.

“Fire spread over the Sedan type passenger cars with the emphasis on the origin and cause of the fire”, JL. Hasalava et al., Interflam 2016, Windsor UK, 4-6 July 2016, proceedings page 479 

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