Posted on 10/11/2016 in News 32 2016
PlaneGard addresses in-flight battery fires

Tennessee company PlaneGard has developed an emergency containment case for use in case of PED (portable electronic device) battery fires.

The case prevents emission of heat and smoke, even in case of thermal runaway (effectively a small explosion) of the battery. The case contains safety gloves and glasses and a metal scoop to safely pick up a burning laptop and put it into the case, and is then designed so water can be added to put out the fire within the case. The company indicates that recent research by General Motors and Tesla has shown significant toxicity of smoke from lithium ion battery fires, related to presence of alkylfluorophosphates.

“As More Devices Board Planes, Travelers Are Playing With Fire”, New York Times, 11th September 2016. PlaneGard

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