Posted on 10/11/2016 in News 32 2016
Great Fire of London and kitchen fires

UK safety associations are reminding that the Great Fire of London, 350 years ago in 1666, started in a baker’s kitchen and destroyed over 13 000 homes.

Today, more than a million British people have called emergency services during their life to deal with a kitchen fire, according to Electrical Safety First. A survey by the charity shows that one in six people have cooked when drunk, over a third have been distracted (e.g. by a phone call) when cooking, 2.5 million have fallen asleep whilst cooking and a third have left a hob or oven switched on after use. In 1666, the baker accused of starting the Great Fire of London was executed.

“Worshipful Company of Firefighters Releases “Cold-Case Investigation of The Great Fire of London” 8/9/2016 “More than a million call 999 because of kitchen fires” International Fire Protection Magazine 9/9/2016

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