Posted on 10/11/2016 in News 32 2016
Polymeric nitrogen fire retardancy synergists

MCA Technologies (see pinfa Newsletter n° 61) have developed polymeric PPM Triazines (PPMT) for use as nitrogen-containing synergists with a range of flame retardants.

The PPMT are non halogenated poly(piperazinyl,morpholinyl,triazines) and are produced by processes without solvents. They show to be effective synergists for both inorganic and phosphorus flame retardants, e.g. ATH, MDH, metal carbonates (such as the magnesium carbonates huntite and hydromagnesite), ammonium poly phosphates (APP), phosphinates. The PPMT synergy mechanisms are shown to be the generation of a resistant, ceramic residue layer (with inorganic FRs) and the formation of high-temperature resistant phosphorus oxynitrides (PON) as fire barriers. The non-ionic nature of PPMT contributes to durability and can improve polymer characteristics such as electrical insulation capacity. This can be further improved by siloxane coating of the PPMT-FR blends. Applications include EVA, polypropylene, polyesters & polyamides.

“PPM Triazines. Lightweight organo-polymeric universal fire and flame retardant synergists”, B. Kaul, Rubber Fibres Plastics (RFP) 3/2016

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