Posted on 10/11/2016 in News 32 2016
Restriction on ammonium salts in insulation materials

ECHA has published the expected Restriction (see pinfa Newsletter n°55) of the use of “inorganic ammonium salts” in cellulose insulation materials.

The objective is to avoid risks of ammonia gas release in certain conditions (high humidity and temperature, pH) which could cause irritation to the respiratory tract and eyes (e.g. building workers installing insulation in enclosed spaces). pinfa emphasises that ammonium salts are recognized to be non-toxic: this operational issue is the only risk with their use, and they have no long-term or chronic toxic effects, are not carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic or impacting on the immune system. The published Restriction does not apply if ammonia emissions are shown to be low (specified concentrations and CEN/S 16516 adapted conditions), so enabling continuing use of ammonia phosphates for fire safety, subject to processing or application which prevents ammonia emissions.

Commission Regulation 2016/2017 of 23 June 2016, amending REACH 

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