Posted on 10/11/2016 in News 32 2016
EU Ecolabel criteria updates

The European Commission has published revised EU “Flower” Ecolabel criteria for computers and for furniture. Furniture must not contain chemicals are on the Candidate List for Substances of Very High Concern nor adhesives, varnishes, paints or flame retardants which are classified for certain environmental or health hazards.

Flame retardants may nonetheless be classified as H317, H373, H411, H412, H413 if the fire protection for the product is required by regulation, public procurement or standards. Additionally, in polyurethane foam ten designated flame retardants are specifically excluded. For computers, plasticisers, additives, coatings, salts and flame retardants are similarly required not to be classified for the specified health and environmental hazards, but in this case with exemptions for certain parts under certain conditions: for example in external power cables and printed circuit boards if halogen acid gas emissions or dioxin/PCDD/DF emissions are low in case of fire. Also, for parts such as casings the flame retardant must be recycling compatible as specified in the criteria.

Revised EU Ecolabel criteria for furniture, Commission Decision C(2016)4778 of 28 July 2016
Revised EU Ecolabel criteria for personal, notebook and tablet computers, Commission Decision (EU) 2016/1371 of 10 August 2016

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