Posted on 29/11/2016 in News 32 2016
PIN FRs enable Euroclass textile revalorisation

The French used cloth and clothes public collection points NGO “Le Relais”, with CREPIM and Thor, has developed the Métisse® building insulation material made of shredded and processed mainly cotton textile waste, using clothes which cannot be re-used.

The blowable insulation material offers high levels of both sound and heat insulation and is fire safety treated using AFLAMMIT® HML, inorganic phosphorous and nitrogen salts based PIN flame retardant. Euroclass C S2d0 fire safety performance is achieved (Construction Products Directive), enabling use of the product in thermal and sound insulation of public buildings. The PIN FR treatment also enables achievement of A+ classification in the French official material indoor air labelling system. The solid Métisse® eko baffle panels made of the same material offer acoustic sound-absorption for buildings such as meeting rooms, show halls, canteens, restaurants, public spaces. Waste textiles are today being diverted from incineration to production of these ecological insulation materials by Le Relais in France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Le Relais

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