Posted on 29/11/2016 in News 32 2016
SP Sweden looks into wind power fire safety

Wind power electricity generation is a growing source of renewable energy. Fire in turbines can disrupt production, destroy expensive equipment and be a safety issue. Yet to date, there has been little research in this area and there are currently no rules or recommendations concerning fire safety in wind turbine design.

A new report from SP Sweden looks at wind generator fire safety, particularly in offshore wind farms, concluding that there is nearly no data, that fires can lead to considerable material damage, and that fire safety should be included early in the design phase. At a workshop on 20th September, Copenhagen, with Offshore Väste, work was launched to promote research and innovation into wind power fire safety.

“Fire safety in wind power stations an unexplored area”, IFP International Fire Protection Magazine 13th September 2016. Further information:

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