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De Grandi PIN FRs for rubber and plastics

Started in 1936 producing rubber products for shoe making, De Grandi S.r.l. (Vigevano, Italy) today produces non halogenated flame retardants for polyolefins, polyethylene, EVA and polypropylene.

The DG-HF2000 product is a micronized powder, based on phosphorus and nitrogen and offers high solubility in polymer matrices, so producing a homogenous intumescent char and enabling fire performance (resistance to ignition and to flame propagation). The product achieves UL94 V-0, and reduced emission of toxic gases in case of fire (very low optical opacity, low corrosivity, negligible emissions of toxic gases). Advantages include ageing and UV resistance, colour stability, polymer property conservation, low compound density and relatively low flame retardant loadings.

“Halogen-free flame retardants”, De Grandi

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