Posted on 01/02/2017 in News 32 2017
Nexans flexible automation cables

Global specialist cable company Nexans (see pinfa Newsletter n°s 43, 56, 61) has launched a new range of non-halogenated flexible automation cables for industrial applications.

The MOTIONLINE® HALEX cables provide cost-effective, robust, flexible (small bend radii > 2 million cycles @ 10xD), drag-chain capable cables, which are abrasion, oil and cooling lubricant resistant. Their non-halogenated flame retardant formulation ensures that the release of toxic or irritant gases is minimised in case of fire. They are adapted to sensor, servo, bus, Industrial Ethernet, energy and control transmission in drag-chain automated equipment. Nexans employs 26 000 people in 40 countries worldwide, providing specialist cables in particular to power, energy, transport and construction markets, with an emphasis on low environmental impact. Nexans is a signatory of the Europacable Industry Charter committing to development of ethical, sustainable and high-quality cables.

“Nexans launches PVC-free Motionline® HALEX automation cables”, 22 Nov. 2016 

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