Posted on 01/02/2017 in News 32 2017
Tolsa clays: reducing smoke generation

Tolsa has extended its range of specialist minerals, based on naturally-sourced silicate clays, used as synergists to improve functionality and performance of PIN FR and polymer systems, whilst also reducing cost and improving processability.

New FR grades reduce smoke emission in e.g. rubber and PVC, in particular to ensure passenger safety in transport applications including seating, flooring, cables and structural elements. The product also acts with other flame retardants to improve fire performance (reduced heat release) in applications such as electrical and electronics and construction. Specific modification of the sepiolite clay enables good dispersion and interaction with polymers. Other grades improve flame retardant performance in polymers including PP, PE, PA, PS and EVA, in particular in synergy with PIN phosphorus flame retardants (see pinfa Newsletter n° 65).

“Tolsa Group at K 2016: To Launch a New Range of FR to Reduce Smoke Emission”, 22/7/2016

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