Posted on 14/02/2017 in News 32 2017

Noit Shahar, Kafrit Israel, expects growing demand for flame retardants in developing countries, particularly in buildings, transportation and injection molding (electronics, engineering plastics).

Fire safety standards for construction materials are becoming more demanding, including requirements for low smoke, heat release and toxicity. This leads to new requirements for flame retardants in different and new applications, such as water protection membranes in roofing, corrugated pipes, wall and flooring materials and interior decoration fibres. Kafrit provides unique solutions by designing its products to answer the following challenges: good price performance, ability to fulfil a number of standards, suitable for more than one application and without any impact on other material application properties. Kafrit works with suppliers to develop the right message to promote fire safety and so to convince end customers of the added-value of flame retardants.

Kafrit Industries is a leading compounder and masterbatch producer, based in Israel, and supplying polymer applications worldwide, in particular polycarbonate sheet and film and flame retardant applications

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