Posted on 14/02/2017 in News 32 2017
MCA Technologies

Bensi Kaul, MCA Technologies, underlined the need to look carefully at the real cost impacts of flame retardant use. In some cases, weight is critical for plastics, in others it is wall thickness. Mr. Kaul considers that organic and non-halogenated FRs are therefore advantageous, because they enable lower density.

In electrical applications, non-ionic FRs are further preferable, to avoid deterioration of electrical resistance. He presented tests showing that MCA’s PPM-triazine (nitrogen containing polymer) can act in polyamides, PBT, polypropylene as an effective synergist with ammonium polyphosphate (including siloxane coated), melamine polyphosphate, DEPAL, reducing required loadings, improving char production, better plastic mechanical properties and reducing smoke release. One mechanism is the formation of oxynitrides during fire, which contribute to char stability.

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