Posted on 14/02/2017 in News 32 2017
Daihachi Chemical

Shin Nakamura and Shinichi Ikoma, Daihachi Chemical Japan, underline that FRs must address fire performance, smoke emissions and toxicity. The company’s phosphorus-based PIN FRs are developed to not generate problematic smoke emissions.

User confidence in FR solutions is important and is achieved by working closely with polymer suppliers and developing health and safety data, via REACH. Daihachi is developing new phosphorus PIN FR solutions and compatible transparent plasticizers for engineering plastics, resins and fibres. This AMI conference has provided them with valuable insights into PIN flame retardant development trends and understanding of customer requirements for PIN FRs solutions.

Daihachi Chemical Industry  are specialised in non halogenated flame retardants, with a strong market position in the Asia and Pacific regions, and are now launching products into the European and Americas markets.launching products into the European and Americas markets.

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