Posted on 14/02/2017 in News 32 2017
EMPA St Gallen

Sabayasachi Gaan, EMPA St Gallen, presented applied research into DOPO derivatives as PIN FRs in PU, polyamides, PET and PET/PBT, looking at fire performance, processing and health and safety profiles.

Depending on how DOPO is derivatized (i.e P-C, P-N, P-O derivatives), fire performance and processing properties can be modified to adapt to different polymers, in particular thermal stability for processing. This can facilitate material stability during recycling. Results presented include mechanical properties when used in different polymer fibres and engineering plastics, showing fire performance at relatively low loadings (10% FR). A range of studies show a positive health and environmental properties show (see Hirsch et al. 2016, summarised in pinfa Newsletter n° 73). The REACH registration dossier one of these new DOPO derivatives, EDA-DOPO, is now under preparation.

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