Posted on 14/05/2018 in News 32 2018
“Naturally non-flammable” cellulose fibres in PBT

An article in Kunstoffe International presents successful development of high performance, fire resistant electrical components using bio-sourced cellulose fibres and PIN flame retardants.

Purified natural cellulose was regenerated (processed into a filament yarn) to improve mechanical performance, and used in PBT polymer (polybutylene terephthalate) with PIN flame retardants AlPi (aluminium diethyl phosphinate) and MPP (melamine polyphosphate) to achieve UL94-V0 (1.6mm) and good mechanical performance (tensile strength, elongation at break, notch impact strength, tensile modulus). Industrial parts such as cable guides for lights have been produced.

Kunstoffe International, H-P. Heim, M. Feldmann, N. Gemmeke, 1-2 2018 “Naturally non-flammable”, in English and German, project with Fraunhofer IEP (Institute for Applied Polymer Research), BMEL, FNR and seven companies


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