Posted on 22/11/2017 in Fire Safety News 32 2017
Need for research on fire safety – environment links

RISE (Norway) research institute considers that more fire research related to environmental impacts should be engaged. Research questions identified include the environmental impacts of materials used to protect against fire and of fire extinguishing products, and environmentally preferable substitutes;

environmental impacts of fires, such as generation of problematic wastes; smoke production and smoke toxicity of new materials, and how fire services can deal with this; fire safety of environmental technologies such as electric vehicles or photovoltaic panels; how to improve fire safety as quantities of flammable materials present in furnishings and structures of buildings increase; improving environment and health profiles of flame retardants and ensuring compatibility with materials recycling.

“Fire safety and environmentally friendly technology”, K. Storesund & N. Reitan, Brandposten #56, 2017 
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