Posted on 15/01/2019 in 2019
New Epoxy resins for FST applications

Hexion, a global leader in thermoset polymers, in particular epoxy and phenolic resins, has launched a new PIN flame retardant resin system, particularly adapted to infused glass laminate composites, offering fire safety with low smoke density and low smoke toxicity. The new EPON™ FlameX™ Epoxy Resin systems provide parts manufacturers with an innovative, homogenous material, adapted to infusion/resin transfer moulding (RTM) and closed moulding (VARTM), and which achieves fire performance standards for various aviation, marine and railway applications, as well as in construction. The resin system offers mechanical performance and can be used in parts such as aircraft cargo areas, seats, lavatories or galleys.

“Hexion Introduces Novel Epoxy Resin System with Low Fire, Smoke and Toxicity Properties”, 12 September 2017

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