Posted on 28/03/2018 in News 32 2018
New PINFA member: TOLSA

TOLSA is a global leading supplier of flame retardant synergist additives for wire & cable, construction, transport and E/E applications; with over 60 years of experience in multiple industrial markets. TOLSA’s technology retards fire development and propagation in polymer systems, reducing smoke emissions. TOLSA’s products act in synergy with most PIN flame retardants improving the char formation during combustion, which protects the polymer from fire.

All these benefits are achieved by tailoring natural silicates with a specific morphology, which is beneficial in combination with PIN flame retardants. Moreover, due to their special morphology these additives improve significantly the anti-dripping effect. pinfa membership will enable TOLSA to participate in joint pinfa actions understanding the functioning and potential of PIN flame retardants and synergists, in particular developing PIN fire safety systems which offer lower health and environment impacts and which contribute to lower smoke emissions in case of fire.


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