Posted on 10/05/2019 in Furniture & Textiles 2019
New product enables PIN FR textile back coatings

CTF2000 is a Belgian company of the FLAMAWAY Group, with production sites and offices in Belgium, UK, Germany & China, specialised in flame retardant chemicals and textile specialties. They have developed a new “economical” PIN flame retardant coating product which will enable substitution of halogenated back coatings in applications such as domestic and public furniture, blackout curtains, technical textiles, automotive, construction and furnishings. Several patents are pending. It is applicable to both natural and synthetic fibres (e.g. polyesters, polyamides, acrylics), whereas current non-halogenated solutions are generally used only on natural fibres. This new product is based on red phosphorus with nitrogen and mineral PINs, using an innovative micro-encapsulation which ensures high performance, processability, washing durability and near-zero migration. Wash durability can be obtained up to 40 cycles at 40°C and beyond, enabling use in furniture cushion covers and similar. The innovative encapsulation ensures that the coating emits no detectable phosphine and no smell (challenges with red phosphorus). The PIN synergies ensure higher fire safety efficiency for a “lower” red phosphorus loading. The new product, with a back coating of around 70 g/m2(dry), can enable textiles to achieve demanding fire safety standards as required by the UK Furniture Fire Safety Regulations. Formulations are also available for other regulations for furniture or blackout curtains in public places (e.g.BS5852, BS5867, EN 13773, DIN 4102, NFP 92-503, DIN 41-02, NFPA 701, …). The product offers good feel and handling properties. It is available in black, reddish or grey. As the product is non-halogenated and has a positive safety profile, it has been approved on the OEKO-TEX® ACP list (active chemicals products).


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