Posted on 20/02/2018 in News 32 2018
New technical brochure on FRs in E&E applications

pinfa has fully updated and republished our 40-page technical document on FRs in E&E applications. pinfa also provides brochures on Building & Construction and Transport applications.

The E&E brochure summarises fire safety and technical requirements and PIN solutions for different polymers, for wires and cables, electric enclosures, electric and electronic installations and components and printed wiring boards. Environment and health properties and applicable regulations for PIN flame retardants in E&E are outlined, as are common fire tests. Future trends and innovations are also discussed, including addressing fire safety of lithium ion batteries, processing improvements for PIN FR solutions, new solutions for polymers such as HIPS, ABS, SAN and polystyrenes, and new families of PIN flame retardants and synergists.
“Flame retardants in Electrical and Electronic applications”, pinfa, third edition, November 2017


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