Posted on 29/11/2018 in Recycling 2018
NGOs target chemicals in carpets and recycling

A report published by five NGOs states that “toxics” were found in analysis of carpets from leading European manufacturers, pointing at (amongst other chemicals cited)  presence of the chlorinated flame retardants TCPP and TDCPP and of fluorinated stain repellents. A total of 15 carpets were analysed, a leading brand and a brand presented as environmentally friendly from the seven largest European manufacturers, plus one 100% recycled carpet. The report notes that none of the chemicals tested were found in three carpets from the major manufacturers, and that two of these included recycled content, showing that recycling can be compatible with absence of the chemicals tested.

Press release October 2018 “Carpets in circular economy” and full report “Testing for toxics. How chemicals in European carpets are harming health and hindering circular economy” (Changing Markets, HEAL, Recycling Netwerk, WECF France, Deutsche Umwelthilfe)

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