Posted on 30/06/2017 in News 32 2017
Organic silicon-nitrogen based FR cellulose fibre

SOL FR® is a new inherent cellulose-based FR fibre offered by the Chinese company Beijing SOL. It is produced through spinning and solidifying after a grafting reaction between cellulose solution and new silicon-nitrogen flame retardants.

Thanks to excellent thermal protection performance and small heat shrinkage coefficient of SOL FR®, the fabric can still maintain its original shape burned at a high temperature of 1100ºC, playing a role as a barrier. SOL FR® is characterized with excellent flame-resistant and thermal protection performances, no melting and dripping, small smoke emission, non-toxic & non-polluting smoke and great wear comfort. In addition, it will not pollute the environment after degradation. It can be widely used in fire-fighting, military and special protective clothing industry, as well as the garments for infants and young children and the elderly, home textiles, and the interior furnishings of transportation vehicles. 
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