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“New” brominated FRs: a review paper, based on 130 reference studies, assesses the ecotoxicology and biodegradability of 11 brominated flame retardants, proposed as substitutes for now restricted brominated FRs. All are based on 1 or 2 six-carbon (benzene) rings with appended bromine atoms. The review suggests that these substances are frequently detected in the environment and may bioaccumulate, but that there is little long-term or chronic toxicity data.

“Ecotoxicity and biodegradability of new brominated flame retardants: A review”, M. Ezechiáš, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 2014

Antimony trioxide (ATO): a Risk Assessment carried out by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under TCSA, has concluded that the use of ATO as a synergist with flame retardants does not pose a risk to the environment.

“TSCA Work Plan Chemical Risk Assessment – Antimony Trioxide – CASRN: 1309‐64‐4”, United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA, Document # 740‐Z1‐4001, August 2014

Nano chemicals: The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has published an interim report reviewing the EU proposed definition for nano-materials. JRC indicates that it expects to publish recommendations for a revised EU nano definition by late 2014. Denmark has published a guidance document to support companies in defining whether they need to register a product under the Danish Nano-product Inventory (definition, applications) and if so explaining how to do this.

EU JRC “Towards a review of the EC Recommendation for a definition of the term “nanomaterial” Part 2: Assessment of collected information concerning the experience with the definition”–pbLANA26744/;pgid=Iq1Ekni0.1lSR0OOK4MycO9B0000Hx2Xpfab 
“Guideline for the Danish Inventory of Nanoproducts”, Denmark Ministry for the Environment, Danish Environmental Protection Agency No. 5, 2014 
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