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TCSA watch list: The US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has added 23 chemicals to its TCSA Work Plan for Chemical Assessments in the Plan’s first update. These include the brominated FRs DecaBDE and HBCD are identified as high ranking for potential hazard, exposure, persistence and bioaccumulation (both already EPA Action Plan chemicals) and two phosphorus ester FRs (triphenyl phosphate TPP and isopropylated phenol phosphate iPTPP) because they are being produced, imported or used in greater quantities and an increasing range of consumer products.

US EPA TCSA Work Plan update  and

California requires FR labelling: California Bill (SB)1019, signed into law in September 2014, requires upholstered furniture (which has to meet California TB117-2013 fire safety standards = smoldering cigarette resistance) to include a label stating that it meets the fire safety standards and indicating whether or not it contains “flame retardant chemicals”. The Californian authorities still need to define the analytical test procedure which is used for checking for the presence of FRs. Therefore, FRs that react into the polymeric matrix may be exempt.

California Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation (BEARHFTI), see under “Bill 1019”

US NFPA launches furniture flame test development: the US National Fire Protection Association has initiated development work to define a new open flame test for upholstered furniture fire safety assessment (NFPA 277). This follows decision by the NFPA Standards Council. The development will be taken forward by a technical committee, assisted by a task group involving interested parties.

Video 2 mins, NFPA Open Flame Testing For Upholstered Furniture
NFPA 277 project: “Standard methods of tests for evaluating fire and ignition resistance of upholstered furniture using a flaming ignition source”


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