Posted on 30/06/2017 in News 32 2017
Performance compounding lines for PIN FR polymers

BUSS AG, Pratteln, Switzerland, has introduced a new and upgraded version of their MX 105-22 compounder range specifically adapted for Halogen free flame retardant cable compounds.

Please verify the previous statements. The new BUSS compounders are designed to optimise operation for these compounds, through mechanical simplifications which improve cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, reliability and user accessibility to machine parts and chambers. Noise levels and space requirements are reduced. The line is available with lengths of 15 or 22 L/D, with two or three feeders, and with either a discharge extruder and retractable pelletiser or melt pump.


“Buss introduces MX-105-22 kneader at K 2016”, 4th October 2016 
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