Posted on 28/03/2018 in Electric & Electronic News 32 2018
PIN FR cables for demanding applications

Italian specialist compounder Fainplast, Italy, is extending its range of high performance non halogenated flame retardant compounds, with crosslinkable HFX compounds, using the Sioplas (XLPOHFFR) method, adapted to demanding applications such as solar panels.

The HFX range are polyolefin based and adapted to production of crosslinked insulation or sheathing, without use of specific curing equipment, and offer EN 50363 M2 fire performance. The company’s HAF range of PIN FR compounds, using mineral fillers, offer EN 50363 M1 fire performance with low smoke emission and are available in grades with high crack resistance, high flexibility and bending resistance, low temperature application. Fainplast began developing performance thermoplastic compounds for cables in Assisi in 1993, and PIN compounds since 2001.

“Industry News. FAINPLAST Opens Halogen-free Flame Retardant Production Line”, SpecialChem, 23rd August 2017 and FAINPLAST


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