Posted on 07/11/2018 in 2018
PIN FR compounds to substitute PVC

Dynamic Modifiers, an innovative speciality plastic compounder based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with 13 staff and operating since 2001, have developed a PIN FR polyolefin replacement for flexible PVC, called PAL, using their DynaChar intumescent flame retardant custom tailorable compounds.  Potential applications include extrusion coated fabrics, coated yarns, textiles, sheets, profiles and molded shapes in sectors such as roller shades, tents, banners, wall coverings and floorings, automobile, swimming pools and bathrooms, children’s bedding and toys. Fire performance of UL94 V-0 is offered, as well as a bio-based polymer version with UL94 V-2. The compounds claim drop-in replacement possibility for PVC in many applications using melt extrude or extrusion coating processing, halogen-free low toxicity and low-smoke, very low VOC emissions, UV resistance, high levels of physical performance and recyclability. Sandwich sheets or films combining with glass or carbon fibres offer specific performance characteristics and resist a 60 second / 1900°C flame vertical burn test. and

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