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PIN FR performance servo cables

Igus specialises since 1964 in high-technicity polymer components and assemblies for industry. The company has now extended its CHAINFLEX SERVO range with specialist cables for machine tools, offering specific profiles to ensure reliability according to machine tool needs: bend radius, travel distance, speed.

The CF27.D series is protected by an abrasion-resistant external PUR (polyurethane) jacket, using PIN flame retardants. The cables offer a bend radius of just 7.5x the cable diameter. These servo cables respond to demanding requirements such as tight installation spaces and dynamic applications, including gantries. The CH98 uses PIN flame retardant TPE (thermo plastic elastomer) external jacket, resistant to oil and ultraviolet radiation. This cable has been selected by Novel, Shanghai, for its automated screen production site, where it has successfully resolved problems posed by control cable failures in units where space if very limited, reliable tight bending is required and reliability must be delivered at 300 000 double strokes per month. Igus also offers PIN FR cables for railway applications, conform to fire performance IEC 60332-1-2, CEI 20-35, FT1, VW-1 and halogen-free to EN 50267-2-1.


“Igus augments chainflex servo cable offering for machine tool applications”, 10 February 2017  “chainflex® CFSPECIAL.414 for rail vehicles”  “Used in Shanghai” BS EN 50267-2-1:1999  Common test methods for cables under fire conditions. Tests on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables. Procedures. Determination of the amount of halogen acid gas. Determination of the amount of halogen acid gas 
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